09 June, 2013

In Praise of the Uninvited: Garden in June

The other day, just before Hurricane Andrea hit our shore, I was wandering around the garden and bank the house is perched on and noticed the beauty of the various wildflowers and plants, the ones we had not planted but had somehow found their way here anyhow.  I thought of the song The Uninvited by Alannis Morisette for the movie City of Angels -- great movie, with its moody brooding romanticism/fatalism and evocative music.

I suppose, though, to call these beautiful visitors uninvited is to misspeak, because in all likelihood some of them were here before we were, and are very welcome both for their beauty, protection of diversity in the area, and ability to fix the eroding earth with their roots. In fact I should call them the Invited, and praise them with portrait, if not with song.

Columbine grows at the foot of the bank stairs.

Columbine, morning light.

Star-shaped flowers claim space in the front garden.

Wild Strawberries grow at the foot of a Birch.

Forget-me-nots inhabit a branch pile on the ocean wall.

Seaweed protects the shore.

Note: After much time trying to arrange the photos symmetrically with the Blogger editor, I have to concede defeat. I recommend you view the photos in your image viewer for much better results.

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