29 May, 2012

Beach Birthdays

It just so happens that my daughter and I have birthdays in May, just a few days apart, so the family usually creates a joint celebration.  This year we visited a gorgeous South Shore beach for a picnic.  It was a vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free meal, but not dry.  My son made a wonderful sangria that he elegantly dubbed "booze-juice",  but it was lovely to sip in the fresh sea air at our own picnic table with sushi and fresh salad and a gluten-free tofu cheesecake to follow.

Feted with food and presents and family love, it was a day to tuck away in memory, to take out and polish when I'm in need of a little lift.

I took some pictures, to share with you.


├ůsa said...

Oh my, what a lovely beach in beautiful weather. I wish everybody could live near the ocean in order to feel and smell that special air.

A little too late - Happy birthday to you!

vegetablej said...

Thank you, Asa! Actually only a few hours late. My birthday was today.