25 January, 2011


Re-reading THE 100 - MILE DIET by Alica Smith and J.B. MacKinnon in preparation for my move to the country next week -- packing books and a bit of free time leads to inevitable re-reading -- I found this interview with the very articulate and engaging couple at BookLounge.ca. Want to hear the voices of the inspiration for all things 100-MILE?

Here you can.


butuki said...

Where are you moving to? The country sounds exactly like the place you need, no?

vegetablej said...

A little village along the South Shore of Nova Scotia, in a little cottage, (where my family originally comes from and where I played in the White Pine woods as a child) overlooking a cove, with glorious sea views.

This morning, after a storm, we have fully-sunlit white and black woodcut vistas all around. And I really don't discount any of it -- it's a beautiful place.

Unfortunately, my latest camera has died, so blogging and picture- posting are hindered until I can find something I can afford.

But, yes, I think it is just the place I need to be now. I'm doing a lot of cooking as I need to make us a few meals every day, so hopefully the recipe posts will pick up as soon as I get pictures.

I didn't log in to your picture site to comment, but like them very much. So sad about the bird family outside your apartment.


don said...

All the very best for your life in the country.

From Chem free regen.

vegetablej said...

Thanks, don! It's going pretty well so far, though I'm still buried in stuff (the house is very small). It's so nice to be surrounded by beauty instead of cars and noise, though!

And we have lots of birds around the house.

Happy Valentine's day to you.