19 December, 2010

Brother Sam's Bigger Brother?

It just keeps on getting more fantastical. Now the U.N. wants to regulate The Internet. Can anyone think this isn't an attempt to guarantee that information on the scale of Wikileaks never again gets out to the people?

The Internet works fine now. It's the only place where we can share news, our opinions, and get to read others' opinions without censorship. Why ruin one of the finest evolutions of the last century? It's time for busybody governments to get back to their mandates -- working on the problems of war, hunger, the environment, unemployment, and health. I think they've got more than enough there to keep them busy for a few hundred years.

Read the article on The Huffington Post.

2009 article from Freedom House about threats to Internet freedom, instructive of methods used to curtail free speech.


butuki said...

It's been AGES since I visited your blog (or any blog for that matter)! How are you? Nice to see that you are still writing, though it looks like comments are low. I think less people are blogging these days, now that Facebook is ruling supreme (hopefully not for long).

I hope what happens with Julian Assange isn't the end of Wikileaks or the the opening of what governments are doing. And I hope the UN keep its dirty hands out of our business.

(I've started blogging again, though less frequently on my regular blog. I've also started up a new photoblog that focuses on photography and I update nearly daily. http://laughing-knees.com/chamber-moon/)

Hopefully we can keep in touch again more often. I never did finish writing my reply to your very welcome and frank message to me that you left on my blog. Your words have stuck with me all this time and I really appreciate your friendship. I'm truly sorry for not having shown you my appreciation. I was "away", in many aspects, including from my own family, for quite a long time.

I am active on Facebook, if you are part of that. It would be nice to keep up with you socially there.

Hope you are well.

vegetablej said...

Welcome Back! Thanks for visiting, butuki and so happy to see you writing again. I've re-added the link to your site so I can keep up with that and your pictures; I waited for a long tme but thought you had abandonned Laughing Knees.

And what a return! I just had a peek at the newest post and will go back to look more closely in a few minutes. I always think these days that I am mostly over missing Japan, but then I see your photos of so many iconic and familiar Japanese vistas and they hit me like a physical punch to the gut.

I never thought I'd be saying thank you for a punch, :), but what a gift for me to visit Japan again through your talent.

A big thanks and a Happy New Year to you!

butuki said...

I very much thought of quitting blogging for a while there, but spending a lot of time on Facebook made me realize how much I miss the more thoughtful interaction I have in blogs. Blogs are definitely a lonelier go; with Facebook I can joke around and keep up with the daily activities of all my friends worldwide. It feels livelier and more transparent, and I won't give that up. Blogging often made me very depressed because of the feeling of isolation. But I also made some much more intimate and thorough friendships in blogging and you have time and privacy to express your deeper and stronger thoughts in a blog. In Facebook you have to guard your privacy and be careful of saying too much. So, hopefully, I will try to keep a balance between the two.

I'm also going to be starting up my drawing blog (similar to the photoblog), a static story blog with copies of my fictional work both for adults and children, but without the live updating of regular blogs (a "blook" as they are called), and finally my professional, illustration and writing projects website where I will try to sell work. Eventually I have to get out of this ridiculous job system I've been in; it's just awful. But I've been doing mentally and emotionally a lot better these days, so I think finally I have the capacity to make big changes. Next month I'm hoping, if money and timing work out, to go down to Patagonia to celebrate my 50th. It's a start!

Anyway, I'm glad we're back in touch. I've missed quite a number of good friends!

~* Miguel

vegetablej said...

That all sounds very promising. Sure glad you're feeling ready to create some satisfying changes in your creative life. Bravo!

I'm making some big changes too, and I'm not sure what direction they will take me in. Yesterday, I left my teaching job to move to the country to help care for my mom, who has Parkinson's. It's going to be a challenge, both in the stress involved and finding a way to piece together a living out there.

I hope I'm going to have the time and inspiration for more regular blogging and art-making. I'm going to need some inspiring friends, so I hope you'll stick around.

I'm not a Facebooker, but I might check it out -- the way you describe it , it sounds like a party. :)

If walking Patagonia is your dream, then I know it will be great for you, and I'm sure you will come back with some wonderful pictures and experiences thst we can all share with you. Gambatte!