15 October, 2010

Water: For the Health of the Earth and its People - Us

                                       Photo courtesy of R.J.O. © 2010

There are so many things I could say about water -- how I love the ocean, how now the rain is falling outside my window greywashing the whole afternoon, soft, reassuring, how lucky I am to be in a country where safe water is just a few steps away. How much I am aware today that hardly an hour goes by that I am not cradling a cup of tea or coffee, brushing my teeth, taking a shower, or cooking, and that none of that would be possible without water.

How I am worried and sick that many of those in arid countries do not have this happiness, and that it is so necessary that they do. After all, they are not some anonymous strangers halfway around the world, they are the families of my students, and therefore my family, by extension.

I try to do my best to save water and I think I am. I have been taking a re-usuable mug for most of the last 5 years. I don't buy bottled water any more and I eat foods that use much less water to produce than meat.

I never throw garbage around and when I go to the beach I often try to pick up plastic that I find there.

I do these things and more, but on a day like today when the enormity of the problem sinks in, deep as the bone, I feel a bit helpless. The problem is so titanic and I am just one. I can't do it alone. Our only hope is our strength in numbers. If we join together, surely next year there will be fewer people thirsty and sick, less plastic in the ocean.  If we act, we do it for ourselves, for as surely as the African women walking miles to get water could be the families of some of my students, they could be my own family or me. We are the earth's people and we either sink or swim together.

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pohanginapete said...

VJ, you may be just one, but the more who think and act like you, the better our planet becomes. There are plenty of us.

I try not to despair (it achieves nothing, for anyone), but I do often feel, let's say, disillusioned with the attitudes of those who think the answer to major problems like the water and energy crises is to vote for people who promise to keep allowing us to waste water and burn fossil fuels. They must know it can't be sustained; their cynical promises appal me.

vegetablej said...

I agree, Pete, the continuous growth that the politicians are always pushing is completely unsustainable and the sooner they realize that and start to move to repair the damage and address the inequalities in the world, the better.