20 July, 2010


Who knew you could grow ginger by breaking off a chunk of the fresh stuff, putting it on top of soil and keeping it moist?  I read this somewhere and decided to give it a try. Now I have a beautiful and interesting plant that is growing roots underground (I hope). When I transplanted it, It separated from the mother root, and I'm trying to see if it will sprout another plant.  If you want to try it, it seems to like heat, sun, and to be moist. I put it outdoors on my balcony for a few days, where I'm also growing tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and various herbs, but it was looking a little peaked, so it's back on my inside window sill.

I don't have a recipe, but recommend grating some fresh ginger into gingerbread for extra tang. Maybe in some cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese icing as I made for my grand-daughter and her Mom for Sunday tea. Or make Nirvana Soy Chai and put it over a few ice cubes for iced chai, and keep cool, folks!


sylvï said...

on top of the soil, huh? i had one sprouting in the spring so i buried it in a pot where it promptly decayed. i guess i need to try again... thanks for the tip!

vegetablej said...

You're welcome, Sylvi. I'll be interested to hear about the results and maybe see a picture or two.


pohanginapete said...

I love the taste of fresh ginger — so much so that I have to be careful not to overdo it when I'm adding it to a recipe.

Apparently it's highly effective at combating nausea — I think it's supposed to work as well as the conventional medicines. Fortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to test that myself ;^)

vegetablej said...

Hi Pete:

It absolutely works, though of course it takes a few minutes. You can make tea by slicing some fresh ginger into a cup and adding boiling water. Or, if you are desperate and need something right away, you can just bite into and suck the juice out of a piece. Of course, if you are really nauseated, it's not that pleasant for the moment you do it, but it works. I see in advertisements they are now adding it to Gravol.

In Japan someone told me that the Chinese make a chicken soup with a _lot_ of ginger for pregnant women who are having morning sickness.

I think I saw somewhere that there is such a thing as ginger jam. Now that's something I need to check out.

And last week-end I made pickled ginger to go with a Japanese meal. It's so quick and easy. I should put up the recipe, because the red stuff you get at the store is both hard to come by and expensive.

Like you, I love it in just about anything. Can't wait for the fresh stuff to be grown.


Maria said...

Cool blog! Love ginger :)

vegetablej said...

Thanks, Maria, so is yours. Beautiful design, fabulous looking food - if only I read Swedish (?)