12 February, 2009

Pete Seeger: Eighty Nine Years of Raising his Voice

A few of you who've been reading here awhile may remember that I featured a post about Pete Seeger still performing and singing to kids in schools. If you watch this excerpt from the PBS American Masters series you'll see that he started out that way when his politics of peace made them the only audiences he could get.

Pete knew what he was doing because those kids brought change to America. And Pete always made sense, never more than when he sang,

" The world needs housing, food, and schools.
Bring 'em home, home, home."

A close parallel to the current situation in America, I think.

And Pete must know it, since at 89 he's still singing.

Thanks, Mr. Seeger, for being such an inspiration. While you keep raising your voice, I feel we'll be all right.


butuki said...

When I was a boy I lived in New York City. Both my parents were heavily involved with the civil rights movement. I grew up attending a school in Harlem and singing Pete Seeger, Tom Paxton, Buffy Saint-Marie, Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul, and Mary, Harry Belafonte, and of course the Beetles. To this day that music and the way the society around me and my parents influenced me still affects the wya I see things. So Pete Seeger's message got though, and his songs still ring in my head.

vegetablej said...


Lucky you! What a start with a background and parents like that.

So you grew up in NY city, in Harlem, no less. Not hard to see how one could develop a longing for the mountains doing that, but after all, what a wonderful and varied life you've led!

Hope things are going a bit better now. I read your answer over on your blog and am cheering you on!!!

Martin J Frid said...

Great video. PBS should do more political stuff like this. I had no idea he was such an activist.