23 February, 2009

Jai Ho: May Victory Be Yours

Last night I was watching the Academy awards and along with the rest of you rooting for a little film that is perhaps the best I have seen in years. Slumdog Millionaire is a rags to riches story that stretches itself away from formulaic Hollywood by its depiction of street children in Mumbai, and covers difficult themes such as child exploitation, torture and suicide. Yet throughout the film love floats up and ends victorious. Not romantic love, though that exists between the main characters, but the love of brothers, compassion bred of necessity between lost children, and sacrifice for others, which must surely be possible only through love.

This video shows the last moments of the movie, with the surprise of Bollywood dancing throughout the winning song, Jai Ho. If you haven't seen the movie, this might make you want to.

Notice the children dancing. Look at the little girl in the yellow dress leaping up victorious.

Jai Ho on youtube.


Ruahines said...

Kia ora VJ,
My mom went to this movie with a preconception she would not like it, and came away with the opinion it was the best movie she has seen in years. So I guess along with your thumbs up I will have to see it.
Hope things are well with you and that you are coping with the employment situation. Difficult times are ahead for many, hopefully some good will come of all this eventually. Anyway VJ, my thoughts are with you, kia kaha! A stormy weekend in store here in Aotearoa, I did manage to get to the markets early before the rain set in. A good day to make a nice slow cooked vegetable soup!

vegetablej said...

Hi Robb:

Any day's a good day for soup, but it tastes especially comforting on cold or drizzly days.

This movie is surprisingly good; I'm so glad I saw it, twice now. I can't forget the street children.

Thanks for the encouragement; the hunt continues. I know I'm not alone and that's very worrying.

The number of foreclosures last year in the US is truly shocking and saddening. Hope the new measures will help.


vegetablej said...

Arcadia said...

I heard of this movie and saw that it was awarded.
Now I really want to see it.Thank you for reminding me.
You have a great blog.

vegetablej said...

Hi Arcadia,

Thanks. I edited your post to remove the link in the body of your comment. It's okay to link through your blog profile name, but I don't accept other links because I have to post them before I can check them out and I want to make sure about appropriate content. Unforunately, Blogger doesn't let us edit posts so I also had to remove the blog name link, but you're welcome to re-post it if you like.

I know you'll like the movie.

Thanks for stopping by.