24 January, 2009

Arundhati Roy: Come September

Arundhati Roy is most famous for her 1997 win of The Booker Prize for The God of Small Things, but recently I discovered a speech called "Come September" that knocked off my socks, as we used to say, for its sheer bravery, courage and sense. There were not many people willing to say these things just one year after 9/11 and probably, though the air is starting to feel a little clearer and freer to breathe since Obama's inauguration, there still aren't many who would speak so clearly now. That she did so, with such powerfully poetic prose and with such a compassionate attitude, makes her one of the best I have ever heard.

Because I think this speech is so powerful and timely as we begin to think about the big problems we have and how to solve them, I've collected all 5 videos from YouTube here. My counsel is to have patience and listen to them all because this talk covers a lot of ground, sums up the state of the world then and now, and builds to a wonderful ending.

When I get to worrying about the world and the madness I see all around, and believe me I do that quite a bit, have been doing it since I was a young teen, it encourages me so much to find people in the next generation who see clearly, are brave, and provide inspiration for us all.

ARUNDHATI ROY: Come September, Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


Ruahines said...

Kia ora VJ,
Have been back many times to get through this, very stirring stuff. Though I am finding myself a little bit disappointed thus far in Obama - particularly rehabititating a war criminal like Kissinger to glad hand with Putin. It seems a lot like the same old system, but then I guess there are a lot of factions to be placated. Still, voices like Arundhati give inspiration and hope.
Hope your New Year is progressing well. Kia kaha.

vegetablej said...

Hi Robb:

I know what you mean. Our hopes are always bigger than reality, but at least I see some things going in the right direction and have lost that constant fear in the gut over what Bush's next horrible authoritarian move would be. I guess now we just have to wait and see what happens.

This year is not going so well, unfortunately. There are serious problems here and I am desperately trying to get a full-time teaching job. It's really why I haven't been able to post as frequently, and especially recipes, as before.

Still substitute teaching, some good, some so-so days, but way too many days cancelled for snow and ice, days that I then don't get paid for. Hoping for better weather ahead.

Wish me luck in the job hunt.

Hope you aand the family are all well! Thanks for stopping by; your comments always cheer me up.