21 June, 2008

Summer Solstice Concert

Raise your glasses to the sun.

Take a walk with your pet, family or a friend.

Cook some real food and eat it consciously.

Watch the conjunction of the moon and Jupiter. (Nova Scotia, 5:00 am in the night sky) or find other bright stars and planets with Astroviewer, a program that opens an interactive star map by clicking on a link (top left of the page) and can be customized to your location and the hour of viewing. Great for novices like me.

Come on, dance a little, celebrate the apex of the light and our fortunate life here on earth for one more year.

Summertime: Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong (I recommend earphones to hear the rich tones of this one.)

Good Vibrations
: 1967 Beach Boys (the classic)

Heroic harmonica from Van Morrison:

Marrakesh Express/Blackbird: Crosby, Stills, Nash

Mother of Music: Cape Breton master fiddler Brenda Stubbard's music is pure joy.


Ruahines said...

Tena Koe VJ,
Cheers for your words and music. It is a cold grey rainy winter day here, and I had a mood to match. Reading your upbeat words and listening to some excellent music has brought me around. I am putting a soup on to simmer, and you hav invigorated me to head off to the gym! I will return to that lovely aroma of slow cooked food, and get a fire going.
Ella and louie on a winters day, doesn't get much better. Van is the man! An under rated maestro on harp, sax, and guitar, not to mention his soulful singing and writing. CSN also one of my old favourite, have seen them live many times. I always thought Nash had the sweetest voice of the three. And how can your feet not get stomping to the fiddle! My mate Adam is back in New Zealand as his mom is having some health issues and he thinks it best to be around. That will also mean more live music in my life.
Happy Solstice to you VJ, and Kia ora. Have a wonderful day.

pohanginapete said...

It's the winter solstice here, VJ, but I share your sentiments; also, as I'm not built for the cold, I'm looking forward to lengthening days and warmer weather (although it's coldest here after the solstice, of course — and something bitterly cold is heading our way in the next day or two).

As for food, I've just had a wonderful, slow-cooked casserole, courtesy of Robb and Tara; Amelie and I had a great evening with them last night and came away with a generous helping of leftovers...

Hope you were able to enjoy a delightful solstice, whether with friends or not. Cheers VJ.

vegetablej said...


Thanks for your comment; it was just what I was hoping for and I'm so glad it cheered you up.( Me too, probably.)

Lovely to hear that you made soup and a fire and got into enjoying life. And that you are cooking for Pete and Amelie, sharing your food and I'm sure, wonderful conversation.

And though your friend is there for a sad reason, I hope he will bring you a lot of joy with his music.


Thanks for the warm words in what sounds to be the coldest time there. I wonder if you have tried cooking anything? Those curries really do warm up your insides; I ate them all during the cold winters in Japan and it was like having a heater in your stomach.

Even if you don't get around to cooking, seems you have found yourself a good cook to visit.)

Thanks to both of you for the solstice wishes. Whether winter or summer, it's a good time to celebrate. :)