06 January, 2008

New Direction for an Old Favourite

Pete Seeger, one of the first makers of protest songs in the U.S.A. And he's still going strong even if the buttery voice is a little faded. No problem, he's got some kids to help with the chorus.

We can still see the passion in his eyes, his will to speak truth. A really good role model for any of us leaning towards activism. Or just getting up the gumption to speak out about what 's important to the people in our lives.

This video was prepared for the Bali conference, but its message is still needed. And I just love the sentiments of the song.

"Because I love you, I'll give it one more try."


Ginger said...

that was nice, thank you.

vegetablej said...

Hi Ginger:

You're welcome and thanks! :)