24 November, 2007

Sign the Online Petition!

If you want to send the Japanese government a message that it is not all right to fingerprint only non-Japanese arriving and living in Japan, please sign the online petition against it. It will be delivered to the government. You just need your name and an email address and you need to click on a link after receiving an email to confirm it. But you can opt out of any further email.

The best part is there's a place to add a comment and tell them what you think.

I've already signed. I hope you will too. The more voices the better.

Here's the link:



sylvie d said...

I have sent your link to a few friends that I know will sign it. :-)
Love your blog btw!

Anonymous said...

Around 8 years ago the MOJ tried acquiring fingerprints with the registration of the foreigners card. This was abolished after much protest.

The MOJ finally has their way with fingerprinting foreigners now at the countries borders.

Cody said...

I signed the petition it is not right for them to do that.

vegetablej said...

sylvie d:

Sorry I took so long to reply; I must have missed your comment. I was getting quite a few for awhile and was a little confused. :)

Thank you so much! The more names we can get the better.

Thanks for the nice comment about the blog too. :)

vegetablej said...


Yeah, they had my fingerprints back then, too. Guess they must have destroyed them or have really short memories because now they need them every time I (or others) come back in the country. A case of technology leading the brainless, I say.

vegetablej said...


Good for you! Thank you so much for signing!