26 September, 2007

Poets Should Not be Shot!

The poet, Nick Bruno, whose blog, They Shoot Poets -Don't They? I just discovered though serendipity, I'm convinced, has a wonderful poem about his mother called, "A Pilgrimage to L'Orignal".

This poem describes exactly my feelings on returning home from Japan to see my grandmother, who was so alive and vital when I left, lying in bed at 99, shrunken to a "changeling" who I could hardly recognize. When she was gone, I tried to spackle the space with my memories, but realized there were not enough to fill the large hole.

I offer a link to the poem with my strongest recommendation.

A Pilgrimage to L'Orignal


Nick said...

I truly am saddened by your loss.

vegetablej said...

Thank you so much!