31 August, 2007

Happy Hugday!

Passing on this video to celebrate Colin Beaven's (No Impact Man) birthday and your, my, everybody's Hugday. Celebrate with somebody soon.


Jeda21 said...

Isn't this video fun? I first saw it in Spring on the IMF music channel (international music feed) here in the US.

Brings to light a nicer side to people.

vegetablej said...

Yes, thanks, jeda21. Japan is NOT the land of hugs, but I think they could use a few.

zlamushka said...

This is really nice, i wish they would make the Hug day official. I ll start with my lovely Tompa right now, thanx, bye :)

vegetablej said...


Make it a good one! :)

I've added a Tokyo video with a Japanese song that proves, at least to me, that there are a few brave huggers in Japan.

Sea said...

Natsukashiiiiii! I love the Shibuya video. I can't tell you how many times we crossed that intersection. We even drove through it once, at 2am or so, on a long road trip. Mostly we'd sit at window at the Starbucks there and watch the people below. Love both vids. :)


vegetablej said...

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's huggable SuperSeamaiden. :) Glad you enjoyed the video, SS.