14 August, 2007

Sourdough Sesame (&Poppy) Bean Bread Tomato Sandwich

Falling for the gorgeous loaf of Bette Hagman's Sesame Bean Bread on Book of Yum, I decided to replenish my bread supply with this one. Besides using the Kinni-Kwik Bread and Bun Mix I mentioned in an earlier post, I only changed the recipe by adding a Tb. or so of poppy as well as the sesame seeds called for, and using 2 cups of sourdough starter made with part brown-rice flour, as well as 1 tsp of dry fast-acting yeast. I used 4 tsp. of a thick blackstrap molasses that I may cut back to 3 the next time, as I found the bread just a shade too molasses-y in flavour, but still very, very good. This loaf was not as high as in Seamaiden's picture but it was plenty high enough to slice for sandwiches. The rest is in the freezer, safer than leaving it on the counter where I want to nibble on it every time I go past.

I made a gorgeous breakfast sandwich, none too fancy-looking, so the gorgeous I mean is the taste. Organic mustard and a smidge of mayo, mixed and spread on each slice of bread. Ripe, juicy, tender tomatoes from the farmer's market, along with a stuffing of the garlic-chives we get here, a healthy dose of cracked black pepper, and just a few grains of sea salt led to two or three huge expectant bites that were not taken in vain. Happy we are together now, in the flesh.


Sea said...

Hey VegJ,
You're so sweet! Thank you for the mention. I'm glad that my little old bread (who am I kidding, that thing was a MONSTER!) inspired you to experiment with bread making. That bread you made looks absolutely delicious. Do you have any caraway seeds? That adds a nice rye flavor, if you can find it.
Your blog makes me so happy- I think I'm vicariously reliving my life in Japan through you! Hope you don't mind... :)
"sea" or SS

vegetablej said...

Hey Super Seamaiden:

It's nice to have a little syncronicity going on, isn't it? I also enjoy all the references and Japanese food you feature on your blog.

The bread is good, but I like your idea of caraway seeds. Yes, I have them, thanks to a local restaurant supplier/discount store.

Fennel seeds and orange peel should also be tasty. Oh the choices! :)

I would like to get that rye powder that Betty Hagman talks about in her book, though. Have you tried it?

gaile said...

sourdough!? GF sourdough!? oh, this I simply MUST have. is the recipe in the book or is it yours? do tell!

vegetablej said...

Hi gaile:

It was pretty good. I adapted it from Bette's Sesame Bean Bread in the front of "The Gluten-free Gourmet Bakes Bread". I made these adaptations: (quite a lot).

1.)I used a sourdough I made from 1 and 1/2 cups Kinnikinnick flour and 1/2 cup brown rice flour, water and a pinch of fast-acting yeast. Let it sit overnight or for a few days to "sour." After that keep in the fridge and feed with more water and flour as needed. If you want to bake with it. take it out of the fridge a few hours before and let it get foamy.

2.) I put 2 cups of the sourdough into the bread and 1 tsp regular fast-acting yeast.

3.) I added poppyseeds as well as the sesame seeds called for, a few Tablespoons.

4.) I used almond meal for the "protein replacer" element.(Just ground almonds.)

Everything else wss as in the recipe. Hope you try it. If you do, let me know how it turns out! :)