01 August, 2007

My First Meme: 8 Random Things About Myself

Thanks to (Super)Seamaiden of The Book of Yum, which is full of entirely TOO yummy food since I'm on a diet, I'm particpating in a blog game, which everybody but me is already sick of (I hear). Leave it to me to be in on the tail end of any fad, except for a few fashion fads I'll mention later.

And lest anyone accuse me of being boring remember I'm a teacher and some of my students read this blog, along with my (grown -up) kids, and for good measure fellow teachers in Japan, who I already have an eye-rolling relationship with due to my impassioned contributions to a teaching forum (which shall remain nameless, to protect the not-so-innocent -- me). There are some things you just don't want to know about your mother, at least until you're about 50 and get some mature "chill".

So, for those of you not already asleep here are 8 earth-shaking and shattering random facts about me:

1. My grandmother is my heroine and role model. I spent many summers days with her camping and picking blueberries and raspberries which she made into delicious pies and jam. She let me cut the holes out of the homemade potato dough-nuts when I had to get on a chair to reach the table. She is my Kitchen Goddess, now in The Great Cucina in the Sky. I miss her.

2. We had a pet deer for about 8 months, rescued from the forest by my grandfather because the mother had died. I fed him from a baby bottle. He ran around in the forest near our house and came when my grandmother called his name at night. When he had to go to the National Park I cried and cried.

3. I grew up in a village with more fish than people, with the sweet air of the Atlantic ocean in my lungs as I walked the 1-mile stretch to school and back four times a day. No diet then.

4. I was the first in my village to sport short white go-go boots a la Carnaby style. Yes, they smarted on those 4 miles to and from school.

5. I went to Art School for a year where I learned that nobody can teach you art.

6. My first love was unrequited by a boy who reasoned he liked D better "because she wears three crinolines"( I only had one). That's how old I am and how stupid the boys were in Grade Three.

7. I'm a bookworm. I'd rather read sublime poetry than win a million dollars. If I could write a great poem I would die happy.

8. I want to go to India, as soon as possible. I need a travel companion.

Jeez. Seems more like a personals ad, doesn't it? And scarily, I just realized I could make a lot longer list. But I"ll give you a break, dear reader. Thanks for listening!

I'm supposed to post the "rules " here which are that you should tag 8 more people, let them know and and ask them to tag 8 others, then respond with a post on "Eight Random Things About Myself". I'm pretty new to blogging; I mostly hang out at blogs that actually don't really do memes, so I'm only tagging a few people. If you've done it one too many times before, or have nothing to say about yourself, I understand. Please don't hate/hurt me.

Julia of The Survivalguide for Vegetarians (Not Only) in Tokyo (new blog with great food, mostly in Tokyo.)

Darla of Messy Cucina (who is studying/ thinking about the connections between women and food and has a great reading list for that on her blog.)

Kpounder of Veggie Friendly (now travelling in Greece with food pictures to die for. I'm jealous.)


Darla said...

Oh cool, I will do the meme later tonight. I can't believe you ordered the entire reading list! That's awesome. As you are reading the books you will have to let me know and maybe we can get some sort of a discussion going between the two of us. So many of the books bring up emotions and ideas that need some sort of ventalation :)

talk to you soon, Darla

vegetablej said...

Thanks, Darla! Yes, I went through every book, read the excerpts and reviews and they all looked interesting.I miss this kind of reading; read a lot of books like these when I was doing women's studies courses.Miss that part of academic life, the reading, the exploration, the discussions.I'm totally open for any exchange of thoughts; it should be fun! :)

Melanie said...

I'm the same-- I also want to go to India but I need a travel companion. The main reason why I want to go: to have a plethora of food that I don't have to worry about was it made of/with meat/fish stock/octopus/etc.

Oh man.

I can't go any time soon though.. at least not 'til after New Year's...

(I'm also intrigued by the culture. =))

And your meme was great! A baby deer!


vegetablej said...

Thanks, Melanie/hari! I know what you mean about India; it's just pulling me. If you get a chance follow the link in my sidebar( Eclectics Section) to Pohangina Pete's blog. He just came back from spending several months travelling there and and has some spectacular pictures and stories.

And could you leave a link to your blog? I seem to remember that you have one and gave me the link once, but can't find it easily.

If you'd like to do this meme too, consider yourself tagged. :)