03 June, 2007

Yesterday I baked, today I boil

Yesterday I took a bike ride into the "country" around here. Though it was a Sunday so traffic was light and I took small lanes away from the most congested roads, I came back with a headache from the pollution from the car exhausts. Japan has too many cars in too little space. Someone has let the technology available since the war become a frankenstein monster. Not only in Japan, of course, but here the roads have almost no shoulders and the lanes are so narrow you are probably often only a few feet or under a metre away from cars' tailpipes. And who, besides non-Japanese, are the everyday users of bicycles and the benefactees of all those noxious gases? Why, school children and the elderly, of course. They are riding every day, breathing every day, absorbing all that junk. In "Beautiful Japan". What've you got to say about that, Mr. Abe?

Today I want to offer a link to the magazine "Good" with a profile of an artist/activist with a creative approach to our environmental woes. "Dr. Natalie" set up a floating lab made of pop bottles to give some prescriptions for environmental problems. I think this is good education, and interesting art. And it makes me feel better.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the video.



Alex said...

I, on the other hand, fry.

I've also been lamenting the condition of the air here in Osaka. My balcony gets covered in soot, which I assume comes from the traffic. I shudder to think that I breathe that stuff every day.

Actually the intention of my comment is mostly off-topic. I thought you'd be interested the idea of vegetarian takoyaki. I used a recipe found on the Web and substituted mushroom for the octopus. You can buy a grill for around 1000 yen, and the picks to turn the balls can be found in 100 yen shops. It's really easy to make, and tastes great! I call it "takeyaki" just to be funny, but I think that's wrong.

I also tried using regular crepe batter and bananas and chocolate instead of mushrooms. It tasted great, but made a mess of the pan.

vegetablej said...

Thanks, Alex. I think Takoyaki sounds great. I never liked the regular kind as I found the combination of the seafood in what is essentially a fritter or donut batter too sweet, and also a bit weird with the soy sauce.

I can't eat wheat, but think it would work fine with rice flour, as regular pancakes made with rice flour are fantastic. And what's not to love about bananas and chocolate? I'll give it a try and let you know.