11 June, 2007

Feed your Vegetarian

Feed your Vegetarian is a great-looking blog I discovered on the Foodie Blogroll, the widget on the bottom right with links to many food blogs. Happily I discovered quite a few promising ones, some of them wholly vegetarian or vegan. I'll be posting more links later, and some recipes I've been working on, but if you want to see what look like some great recipes and wonderful pictures, take a look at this.

Campfire salsa, anyone?


mai + kevin said...

Thank you so much for posting about our little blog! We're very happy that you enjoy it! I can't imagine what it is like to be vegetarian in Japan. I'd probably be eating Inari sushi (yum!) for all meals. We look forward to reading about your adventures in Japan!

vegetablej said...

Thank YOU for the great recipes and pictures. I'll be back for more.

Inari susshi is almost the only one I feel confident in picking up at the store, but I can make homemade, of course. Makizushi is great with avocado, cucumbers and pickled ginger, and I like umeboshi too.

Thanks for visiting. :)